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Simulation of a smart antenna system

The UWB feedingnetwork is used to establish the smart antenna array system.

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Smart Antenna Application in DS-CDMA Mobile Communication System

The design and characterisation of a novel antenna structure and four-element liner arraygeometry for smart antenna systems are proposed in the first stage of this study.

Smart antenna system solves this problem by transmitting power towards the desired directions only.

Adaptive beamforming capability in smart antenna systems enables flexible synthesis and steering of antenna beams for optimized signal-to-noise and signal-to-interference ratio performances.

Autonomous smart antenna systems for future mobile …

This thesispresents the design, simulation, fabrication and full implementation of a novel smart antennasystem for future mobile applications.

Smart antennas have emerged as one of the key technologies in wireless communications. This thesis focuses on developing algorithms and structures that can be applied to one of the most important types of smart antennas--the multibeam smart antenna--in order to improve the quality and capacity of both existing and future wireless networks. A large database, consisting of vector channel measurement data using an 8-element circular antenna array is analyzed to investigate the underlying characteristics of the multibeam smart antenna in practical propagation environments. Extensive vector channel simulations are also conducted, including the innovative work on the simulation of smart antennas in Frequency Division Duplexing (FDD) systems. Based on the data analysis and simulation results, two multibeam smart antenna algorithms, one for reception and one for transmission, are proposed. Significant performance and capacity improvements can be achieved using these two algorithms. The proposed multibeam smart antenna reception algorithm for DS-CDMA system is expected to have important application in both existing and the third generation CDMA systems, while the proposed multibeam smart antenna transmission algorithm can be used in FDD wireless networks to solve the downlink problem.

(2012)Dynamic Capacity Enhancement using a Smart Antenna in Mobile Telecommunications Networks. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

MacSphere: Multibeam smart antenna systems for …

New Antenna Array Architectures for Satellite Communications A Novel Planar Array Smart Antenna System with Hybrid Analog

Furthermore, the smartantenna array demonstrates a gain of 8.5dBi with 40° 3dB bandwidth in broadside direction,and has more than 10dB side lobe level suppression across the scan.

Using the graphical user interfaces provided in this thesis, it is able toconfigure the beam steering of the smart antenna array, which allows the user to analyse andoptimise the signal strength of the received WiFi signals around the mobile device.

Section 2 of this papergives a brief account on adaptive beamforming algorithms for smart antennasystem.
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  • Paper Thin TV Antenna With Smart Pass AT-132B

    The final stage of the study investigates hardware and software automatic control systemsfor the smart antenna array.

  • Computer Science CSE Project Topics

    Beamforming for planar smart antenna array using various beamforming algorithms is also a part of this thesis.

  • Electronics and TeleCommunication (ECE) Seminar Topics

    This thesis is an overview of Smart Antenna technology, their benefits, how they work and …

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Dead Poets Society: Final Script

Finally, the fullyintegrated smart antenna array achieves a 10dB reflection coefficient from 2.25GHz to2.8GHz, which covers WiFi/Bluetooth (2.45GHz) and LTE (2.6GHz) mobile applications.


This studyfocuses on the development and the application of a new simple matrix inversionnormalized constant modulus algorithm (SMI-NCMA) for smart antennas.

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The second stage of the study presents several feeding network structures, which controlthe amplitude and phase excitations of the smart antenna elements.

Integration of smart antennas with software radio - …

Smart antenna system was adopted by ITU for the IMT-2000or the Third Generation (3G) wireless networks due to its capability to improvechannel capacity and interference suppression.

Sample Final Year Thesis Synopsis | Wi Max | Wi Fi

A novel smart antenna system incorporating an array of slant ± 450 dual- polarised stacked patch elements four columns wide excited by a novel multi-beam forming and beam shaping network has been designed, simulated and implemented. It is found that for an ideal smart antenna array, four narrow overlapping beams, one wide “broadcast channel” beam and right and left shaped beams can be provided. Results are presented for the simulation of the smart antenna system using CST EM simulation software which inherently includes mutual coupling and the effects of a truncated ground plane on the element patterns. The results show some significant changes to the desired set of coverage patterns and various mutual coupling compensation techniques have been reviewed. An improved design technique has been developed for compensating the performance degrading effects of mutual coupling and finite ground plane dimensions in microstrip antenna arrays. The improved technique utilises combination of two previously known techniques: complex excitation weights compensation by inversion of the array mutual coupling scattering matrix and the incorporation of a WAIM (wide angle impedance matching) sheet. The technique has been applied to a novel multi-beam smart antenna array to demonstrate the efficacy of the technique by electromagnetic simulation. In addition, a demonstrator array has been constructed and tested which has yielded a positive conformation of the simulation results. For the developed demonstrator array which provides seven different beams, beams “footprints” have been predicted both for free space propagation and for urban propagation to evaluate the dynamic capacity performance of the smart antenna in a 3G mobile network. The results indicate that sector capacity can be dynamically tailored to user demand profiles by selection of the appropriate beam patterns provided by the novel smart antenna system.

Indoor CDMA capacity using smart antenna base …

A smart antenna system combinesmultiple antenna elements with a signal-processing capability to optimize itsradiation pattern automatically in response to the signal environment.

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